Web Video

Video for Websites and Web Streaming 

Websites are rapidly becoming narrowcast TV stations with libraries of videos to attract and hold viewers, market products and services, educate, and entertain, and there is no better way than video to get your message across. A well produced video allows you to have your products, services, company information, even client testimonials broadcast on demand directly to your audience 24/7. Video content on your website also improves your SEO (search engine optimization) helping raise your website's ranking in google and other search engines. Let Camelot's team produce a video that helps your website's ranking and projects a professional image to your customers! Open a window to the world to showcase your people, products, and services with high-quality, professional widescreen HD video from Camelot Studios.

Camelot's live streaming capabilities can put your event at everybody's fingertips. Camelot was chosen to film and stream the premiere launch party of Access4Artists.com in the heart of Detroit. Check out the sights and sounds of the city as they came to life for a night of exciting entertainment in the sample A4A.