Camera Crews

Experienced Camera Crews with Great Equipment . . . Production done right! 

Mitt Romney Filmed by Camelot Studios President Obama filmed by Camelot Studios Marco Rubio filmed by Camelot Studios in Detroit Governor Rick Snyder giving commencement speech  

Camelot filming at the Henry Ford Museum Dearborn MIProduct shoot with model President Bill Clinton filmed by Camelot Studios for the C-Span Network in Monroe, Michigan


Camelot Studios, a Michigan production resource for C-SPAN and other news organizations since 1993, has crews that are experienced and well equipped. We use top broadcast gear from Sony, Sachtler, Lectronics, Canon and others. Whether the situation calls for a Spiderpod camera riser, multi-camera with wireless transmission options, teleprompter or 3 point interview lighting, your project is covered.

Camelot's filming services include high definition live switched multi-camera event coverage for both broadcast and live event streaming using Newtek's HD Tricaster system. We have also have a Convergent Design's Apollo unit, with multi-camera recording and switching capability, available for when a full Tricaster system is not needed.   

Our production studio inventory includes: C-stands, gimbals, camera jibs,  sliders, Kessler motion control slider system, HD wireless transmission system, Zoom F8 portable 8 channel recorder, Sumo director's monitor/recorder, 10' x 10' scrim system, car suction mounts, Raby dolly and 16' aluminum track dolly system. 

Camelot has the expertise to film cinema style, with camera matte box rigs, follow focus, wireless audio and a sett of cinema grade primes.. 

(14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5, 135mm T1.5) 

4k Camera packages include the Sony PXW-FS7 with Odyssey 7Q  recorder/monitor, Sony's A7sII, A7rII and two Sony PXW Z150 cameras. Camelot offers specialized high speed filming up to 180fps. 

For audio, we use Lectrosonics 411a wireless lav systems and a wireless linked boom, featuring a Sennheiser MKH416 mic with Rhode blimp system. 

We are constantly investing in the latest advances in LED lighting for on location and studio work. Our inventory includes, 6 x Light Storm panels, 2 x 300D & 1 x 120D Light Storms with fresnel lens and space light modifiers, 1 x 200w Led fresnel, 4 x 100w Led fresnels, 1x 60w and 1x 30w led fresnel. We also have a Wasp by Hive RGB led for special FX shots it has a variable color temperature from firelight 1650 to moonlight 8000K.

Drones - we are into our second generation of drones and now have two identical units equipped with gimbals and Hero 4 cameras. 

  Camelot Crew at Charles H Wright Museum   
   Camelot's Team arriving to film at the Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit Michigan