The Hackers

In 1987 Camelot Studios produced a low budget movie for the video market utilizing local talent and actors. With a small but ambitious crew, the movie went into production. John Duncan wrote the script to include people and places from Michigan's Thumb Area.
Pa Hacker, worked for John at one time as a building crew foreman. Arnie was a local musician who frequented Duncan's Music Store in Croswell.
Dave Duncan, Camelot Studios' current owner, filmed and edited the project. The featured house in the film was John Duncan's residence for over 25 years outside the town of Applegate, he sold it in 1991 and it burned to the ground in 2008. Several cast members have passed away since it was produced, Howard Coburn "Pa Hacker", Dale Caughel, "Arnie Hacker", Chuck Mabe "Hunter on Road", Ralph Dove " the Heckler in the Bar" and RIck Robbins " the Home Owner unhappy with the Hackers workmanship" . The movies heroine, played by Michelle Rank, later married Rick Robbins and still resides in Michigan.  
The film was released in 1988. About 3,000 copies were distributed. It was a great experience for a young company.
The Hackers - Special 25th Anniversary Edition - Signed by John Duncan

Special Limited Edition 100 copies total 25th Anniversary Signed copy includes interview with John and David Duncan  

The Hackers 1987 Movie Poster