Black River Ranch DVD's

& Black River Monster (1986)
View from Camelot Studios 28 ft camera lift filming at the Black River Ranch, Croswell Michigan Black River Ranch Campers Scene from the Black River Ranch Horse show
Camelot Studios began filming at the Black River Farm and Ranch in 1985 with the production of Black River Magic followed by Black River Monster in 1986. These made for video feature length productions were shot at the ranch with local actors and Black River Ranch Campers and personnel. Black river Monster is now available for purchase below.
At the same time Camelot began taping and offering copies of the Black River Ranch Horse Capades, a performance on horseback featuring BR girls. The girls present the horseback riding skills they learned during their stay at the camp.
Today, Camelot continues to produce high quality DVDs of each performance over the summer, and make them available for purchase to campers and their families.
To purchase a DVD from the horse show or a copy of Black River Monster click the link below.  
Black River Monster
Black River Ranch Horse Show DVD